It Is Necessary To Make Possible for Russian Companies To Work in Both Parts of Iraq

Answering the question of observer how important for Russian energy diplomacy are such countries as Iran and Iraq chairman of the executive board of “SoyuzNefteGaz” Yuri Shafranik said that the gas axis “Russia-Turkmenistan-Iraq” will soon play a leading role in the world since 50% of explored gas reserves are located in these countries. In particular in such countries as Iraq and Iran are located 20% of world oil and gas reserves in each.

Yuri Shafranik who is also heading the Business Cooperation Council “Russia-Iraq” and knows the situation there quite well believes that both producing companies and representatives of Russian state must work there very carefully and report on the situation especially adequate and checked information. Up till now in Iraq, by the way, the problem of a new government coalition has not been solved because none of political forces has received enough votes for forming the government.

Yuri Shafranik also noted that in the light of disagreements between the governments in Bagdad and Kurdistan it is necessary to provide Russian companies with opportunities to work in both parts of the country. Today security conditions in Kurdistan are much better than in the Arabian part of Iraq but it is difficult to move products from there. Besides excessive activities in Kurdistan can cause negative attitude of Iraqi government.