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Syria’s role in the Middle East

Syria is one of key countries (in geopolitical sense) of a large region. Syria’s role in its fortune is as great as Syria’s own problems which are related to any conflict in the Middle East. They to a large extent predetermined Syria’s president Bashir Asad’s official visit to Russia in January of 2005 that gave the impulse to restore economic ties between our countries. Soon despite the exodus from Syria of many western companies (and reluctance/fear of many companies to take part in projects on its territory) Russian companies Stroytransgas, Trubnaya Metallurgicheskaya company, Tatneft, SoyuzNefteGaz have started to work there …

With Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon being its neighbors and Egypt lying close to it Syria is and will be playing an important role in the development of transportation arteries of the region. And, I am sure, she will develop big projects in energy and many other spheres with Iraq if the situation there gets better. It would be a sin for Russia with its good political and economic reputation in both countries not to take part in the projects.