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Eurasian Energy Civilization: Regarding «Future Energy»

The monograph deals with the issues of the new energy civilization as the next stage of development of humanity under conditions of globalization. The Eurasian energy civilization was chosen as the object of the analysis as it is the key link of the universal civilization process. The new energy civilization is envisaged as the next stage of this process based on expanded reproduction of the cumulative energy potential in the form of national (public) wealth of society and its efficient use. Its advent is conditioned by the objective need to ensure global sustainable development. The publication formulates conceptual approaches to the analysis and assessment of specific features of this phenomenon, as well as makes an attempt to understand the main mechanisms of its influence on global and regional processes of social development. Along with generalized statement of the main attributes and particularities of modern civilizations, the publication, using specific examples, characterizes the present state and predicted evolution of the world and Eurasian energy space taking into account the paramount civilizational importance of energy as an intrinsic element of formation and development of the human civilization in general. Besides, the publication considers issues of ensuring energy security in Eurasia and globally, as well as other pressing challenges and processes of development of the world energy.

The book may be of interest to engineering specialists, as well as political scientists studying the outlooks of international cooperation and sustainable development of the Eurasian civilization.