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About alternative sources of energy

Alternative does not mean opposite, it simply means different. Each type of energy has its own niche, its own sector on the Earth. Is there “competition” between low hydrocarbons and high hydrocarbons? No, there is not. And so it is everywhere. You will not draw a gas pipeline through thousands of kilometers to tundra to heat yarangas but a reindeer breeder will thank you for an energy-saving power generator. You will not draw an electric power line to Himalayas: it makes sense there to rely upon solar cells or - in the future – upon mini hydrogen reactors.


Suffice to throw an attentive professional look at the Earth’s map to competently plot out location of all sources of energy on “parallels and meridians”… Is it possible to heat Moscow by solar energy? Yes it is, if to cover the whole Moscow region with solar cells and forbid the weather from getting cloudy. The star is much more generous in the Crimea but still one cannot consider that it will help to provide with electric power an aluminum or steel factory even if one covers with a photoelectric umbrella the whole peninsula. For this clearly one must produce powerful gas turbines generators. I am referring, naturally, to the current historic period.