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About Character of the Partnership of Producers and Consumers of Hydrocarbon Resources

Equal partnership of producers and consumers of hydrocarbons is very much obstructed by an outlived perception of surrounding environment by some Europeans. Yes due to historic developments of Rome’s Empire, Spain, Britain, Netherlands, France and some other countries a big part of Europe for centuries lived due to active development of giant (often lying outside Europe but rich with different resources) territories. And though the world has changed a lot during last decades the phantom of the West’s previous attitude to resource producers lets itself be known.

When you are supplied with goods and equipment (at the prices by many times higher than the production costs) only for delivery of your resources what kind of mutually beneficial cooperation that means? The producing country in reality does not get an appropriate profit. And only thanks to the rise of prices manages to catch the value delta. This is like a snap of fresh air saving the body from death but not sufficient for its normal functioning. And if price rise stops the producer in a year or two would be left with nothing may be even with debts for everything that was delivered by the consumer of hydrocarbons.


Russia with her initiatives to form the future world energy structure and culture will play a very important role in the fortunes of global energy. That is why she should not be considered an intransigent opponent of consumers and producers of energy resources.


The world is changing, there have appeared new points of growth which demand energy resources, and producer now has the opportunity to choose markets and build beneficial relations with them.


It is even better to come to a stage of integration with consumer to enter into his system of hydrocarbons processing and final products sales. And to open our doors for consumer, of course…Unfortunately, developed countries swear off such an integration yet.


You as producer must create such conditions under which it would be beneficial for consumer not only to sell technologies and equipment to you but to create both jointly or separately but on your territory. This will be by the way an example of perspective economic globalization. Then a close mutually beneficial intertwining in technological sphere, in production of equipment, in management of capital and market levers will take place.