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About european gas market

Europe has been and remains one of the most profitable consumers including consumers of gas. And Russia has been rather seriously represented on the European gas market that caused much discontent of consumers fearing so called Russian dictation. After 2008 we have decreased the volumes of exported gas and that of course created quite significant problems for us. Especially, to compare with other suppliers supporting this market. Notwithstanding Europe is of permanent and extremely big interest both in pipeline gas export as well as in oil export.


Gas consumption in Europe will grow any way (the only question is dynamics of this growth). I personally believe that the growth will be insignificant. Because Europe undertakes very serious measures to introduce energy saving technologies, and confidently develops other sources of energy including so called alternative ones. Still Europe will need our gas for quite a long time. That is why the pipelines “Nord Stream” and “South Stream” as an addition to existing ones are quite perspective projects.