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About the Energy Strategy of Russia

Covering a giant part of Eurasian continent and being a neighbor of South Asia Russia can become a solid logistic link between countries and continents full of energy resources. Territorially I mean the Middle East and Central Asia as well as Western Siberia and the shelf of Arctic Ocean. All of them form some kind of main resource base of the continent stretching along its “median range”. And because of that from here one should direct transport flows both to the West – to Europe as well as to the East – to Asia and the Pacific Region.


Due to her geographic location and resources Russia is not striving to join some economic alliance: OPEC or “the Gas OPEC”, alliance of consumer-countries or transit countries. We are equally open to cooperation both with members of OECD and EU or SCO as well as with all countries members of other economic alliances of BRIC kind and build relations with them only on business and constructive basis.