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About the Gas Axis “Russia – Turkmenistan - Iran”

Forging relations not simply and not only with Iran, but along the axis Russia-Turkmenistan-Iran (I would call it the gas axis) presents a unique opportunity, a unique chance to forge interaction and work out coordinated actions in determining participants in gas extraction and the ways to deliver the blue fuel. And - the most important – in determination of volumes of gas production and prices of its delivery.

The chance is great as Iran, Turkmenistan and Russia are main players on the gas market of a giant region and even the whole world (at least for the present time).



Russia I am sure should show an example of assiduous approach to utilization of hydrocarbon resources what I suppose will be powerfully stimulated by the gas axis “Russia-Turkmenistan-Iran”.


The most important thing is, of course, not that Russia, Turkmenistan and Iran are “pierced” by a meridian axis from the Kara Sea to the Arabian Sea, though this makes solving transportation problems easier. Important is that they all are main players on the gas market of a huge continent and even of the whole world – at least at present. And our countries have all the reasons I would say even a historic responsibility to conduct a united policy in determining participants and volumes of production, direction of transportation of resources and – the most important – in determining prices of gas deliveries.


I would stress particularly that the gas axis project can become a major factor in economic development of Turkmenistan, an important factor for Russia and turn out to be a serious plus for the global economy.


The Axis Russia-Turkmenistan-Iran appears to divide European and Asian consumers of energy resources. In reality the world will only gain as diversification of energy flows is always reasonable. Additionally producing countries will learn to agree between themselves on prices and volumes in pursuit of common benefit. Because of spare pipes leading to one customer (in this case – to Europe), is at least not beneficial for producers including Russia. But in case of many consumers no pipe will be superfluous.


I am confident that active actions of Russia in this direction (with hydrocarbons producers of Central Asia and Azerbaijan coming to a European formula of gas price), entry of Russian companies into production projects of Central Asian states and effective cooperation of Russia with Iran in realization of oil and gas projects - is a very serious phenomenon of modern times that will significantly influence the development of world energy market.


The most essential aspect here consists of “not making friends against”, not standing up against the consumers’ side but steadily to pursuit economic interests that unite us to achieve effective and rational utilization of subsoil reserves.

Launching of gas flows from Turkmenistan to China and Iran is a very serious event. With the appearance of the international gas pipeline Turkmenistan-China a real foundation for creation of a gas axis is being laid. Energy entwinement looks as follows: Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the Caspian Sea states, Russia. Now this alliance has not only become stronger but is gaining a new quality. There has emerged a special gas axis along meridians and directions to East and West.