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About World Crisis

The present world crisis quite vividly highlighted main economic problems of planetary scale not only the current problems but also the future ones. It unequivocally hinted that the exit out of a really acute crisis situation may be found only on the basis of serious qualitative changes in many spheres of our activities. And if we achieve that we will be able to solve the tasks of innovational renewal of global energy in compliance with the requirements of world community and, it goes without saying, of Russia as the part of it.




The crisis has become a strength test for the recently formed in Russia model of functioning and development of the oil and gas sector. Is this model able to find the answers to the crisis phenomena in our economy? It is worth reminding that the forming of the model was the answer to the oil industry crisis at the end of the 80-ties – beginning of the 90-ties crisis of oil industry. During that period there stood out the problems of maintaining production, of financing investment projects, of applying new technologies. The answer was found in creating vertically integrated companies, in converting earlier built assets into private and joint-stock companies, in transition to principles of paid utilization of mineral resources. In other words, the main stress was put on development of entrepreneurial initiative and search of inner sources of growth and development.


To fear crises is useless. They happened before, they do happen now and they will happen in future mobilizing some people and casting down others, who will be losers. A crisis always provides an opportunity to take effective measures for a victory exit from it. But what is very important it is not to make a mistake with choosing measures. (They say it is right not only to walk to the light end of the tunnel but not to make a mistake by choosing a tunnel.) That is why it is better to discuss the measures publicly not secretly.


The world is experiencing its rebirth in a new quality. It has been experiencing it already for a long time by periodically falling into a crisis state but strikingly changing itself literally before our eyes. Globalization, eradication of borders, communications boom … From the beginning of the 50-ties all this develops exponentially. Precipitately changes the perception of people’s fortunes, attitude to energy and water resources, to traditional approaches in economics and sociology, to religion. It is necessary to add that crisis do not lead to some overall loss, they enable powerful players to make successful bets. In this case (and globally) it means China, India, Brazil. Though everything that has been said - is just visible sprouts of inevitable and colossal transformation of world order.


The main cause of the last crisis is that excessive money supply has not found an appropriate usage for itself. Since the crisis of 1998 (let us call it Asian-Russian crisis) world money supply has been excessive and finances rushed into the most liquid assets – raw materials industries (production of gold, platinum, oil, gas). Oversupply of money in these industries and financial operations related to them could not help but explode world market, though it started in U.S. mortgage market. But the law for Russia is: if American economy sneezes than our starts coughing, and if they start coughing there then we can not avoid pneumonia.


The measures undertaken by leaderships of many countries including Russia allowed to alleviate the consequences of the crises. But, as it seems to me, at the present moment nobody has solutions that enable to influence deeply lying crisis processes. If so than a year or two later one must expect a new economic blow.

A weakened one – in case if a reorientation on direct projects, direct reconstruction, purposeful creation of jobs takes place. Or a very hard one, if everything in our economy goes as it goes now.


But we must not fear crises as such. Beyond “judgement time” they represent testing periods for strength, creativity (for man, society and community). Moreover, there can be no development without tests (if they are not deadly). And man according to an old maxim shows himself as a man only when he turns hindrances into opportunities.