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On economic development of the Far East

Is there a limit to development and investments in the Far East so as to avoid what happened to KVZD (the rail road from Russia to North Eastern China built by Russia in 1897-1903 and in 1952granted to PRC by the Soviet Union – Editor’s note) that was built by us but in 1945 became the Chinese Changchun railroad? There is a limit. It is a limit of time and of politico-economic approaches. If you fail to fill “emptiness”, others will do it. Suppose if you fail to produce service equipment you will have to buy the Chinese.

I tried to facilitate the Far East projects for decades. And always stressed that they should not be isolated be it a great pipeline or even the long suffering Baikal-Amur Railroad. To develop the region one needs a concept providing for integration of technological, machine-building and many other projects. Besides to create and implement each project one should thoroughly from economic and political point of view select partners (to think that we are able to develop everything without outside assistance is naive).