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On Forming of a United Economic Area in the CIS Countries

It suffices to turn to the newspapers of 70-ties - 80-ties of the last century to understand: conflicts on market soil were practically ceaseless in Europe. Why? Because the process of forming a market contains inevitably a conflict of interests. And this can be called a blessing, since collision, contradiction of interests enriches the picture of economic order, helps to build a market community. If, of course, both sides aspire this and not resolving their own problems at the expense and to the detriment of their neighbors. Constructive dialogue is the basis for successful development of common economic space.

Should conflict over anything (milk, metal, oil, gas) arise, in case of a reasonable solution it will only strengthen economic ties. On the opposite in a conflict-free quagmire such ties will be bogged down. In this sense I am advocate of conflicts so that the wish of all sides to jointly solve complicated problems for the sake of common good grows.