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On Significance of Gas OPEC

Gas OPEC first of all is needed to solve the conflict between gas producers and consumers. It is not so important who will head this body. At present consumers fear that producers will get together, reach an agreement and “press” them by the price. But these fears are groundless. Gas market is fractionary so that one can not speak about monopoly prices yet. The main task of gas OPEC will be not how to increase or decrease the volumes of gas production (as OPEC decides on oil), but how to change relations between producers and consumers of hydrocarbon resources.

The bigger part of the profit in gas sales get consumers and not producers. This has been said but many times. The Consumer pays for the gas received, but gets this money back through equipment sales to the producer. Here we have a vicious circle in which in the end it is the consumer who wins. So the main task is to change this relationship. Now one can often hear accusations in blackmail with energy resources, they even introduced the term “resource nationalism”. And to prevent these relations from moving to a phase of sharp confrontation gas OPEC must rearrange these relations because resources countries understand very well that minerals are not recoverable.