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Turkey as economic partner

One should always keep in mind that Turkey and its companies will not allow themselves to get engaged in any business without having calculated any possibility to earn. This is a very serious partner in economic cooperation and we should learn from him the responsibility for the purposefulness of participation in implementation of this or that project. Such objects of possible cooperation as gas pipelines “South Stream” and “Blue Stream”, oil pipeline “Samsun-Ceyhan”, a nuclear power station construction by the Russian side on the territory of the Republic of Turkey, as well as the projects of “Nabucco”, “Burgas-Alexandroupolos” and others are important and very perspective both from economic as well as from political point of view. Our participation in them, all the more so, requires from us commercial thoroughness, supreme economic and industrial professionalism.

About importance of visits and meetings of state leaders

In recent years Russian leadership has done a lot to restore relations with a whole number of countries first of all in the Middle East, North Africa and Latin America. This resulted in great political success. Visits and meetings of heads of states always broaden the basis for economic cooperation and hence for foreign activities of many companies.

Syria’s role in the Middle East

Syria is one of key countries (in geopolitical sense) of a large region. Syria’s role in its fortune is as great as Syria’s own problems which are related to any conflict in the Middle East. They to a large extent predetermined Syria’s president Bashir Asad’s official visit to Russia in January of 2005 that gave the impulse to restore economic ties between our countries. Soon despite the exodus from Syria of many western companies (and reluctance/fear of many companies to take part in projects on its territory) Russian companies Stroytransgas, Trubnaya Metallurgicheskaya company, Tatneft, SoyuzNefteGaz have started to work there …